Research papers

10. Free Discontinuity Regression - with an application to the economic effects of internet shutdowns (with David Van Dijcke)

9. Tangential Wasserstein Projections (with Meng Hsuan Hsieh and Myung Jin Lee, Journal of Machine Learning Research, repository)

8. Matching for causal effects via multimarginal unbalanced optimal transport (with Yuliang Xu)

7. An optimal transport approach to estimating causal effects via nonlinear difference-in-differences (with Philippe Rigollet and William Torous, Journal of Causal Inference; previous title: "An optimal transport approach to causal inference")

6. Distributional synthetic controls (Econometrica)

5. A path-sampling method to partially identify causal effects in instrumental variable models (slides

4. Non-testability of instrument validity under continuous treatments (Biometrika)                                                                   

3. On the convergence rate of potentials of Brenier maps (Econometric Theory)          

2. A condition for the identification of multivariate models with binary instruments (Journal of Econometrics)